My Wealth Building Mindset (and it's lazy!)

published 1 month ago by ClayTrader

While I realize this channel is mainly about day trading and making money within the financial markets; I also believe wealth building in general is a more than relevant topic to consider. After a recement comment I received on Facebook, it got my mind turning and lead me to wanting to share my personal wealth building mindset, which happens to be quite lazy! There are many strategies and systems you can use to build wealth for yourself, although in my opinion, some strategies are better than others. In order to best determine what strategy will work for you, there are some other considerations that need to be taken into account from a bigger picture perspective. If you are someone who is okay with working the rest of their lives, then you will be able to operate under a different set of wealth building principles compared to someone who wants to be lazy, like me, and have the choice of laying in bed and doing nothing. Again, it's great that both people are seeking the same thing of building wealth; however, let's be sure we are working smarter, not harder, in our quest to accomplish our financial goals. This is much easier to explain through video, so take a few minutes and give this video a watch and see if you agree with my wealth building mindset or not.

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