Digital Transformation's Impact On IT Asset Visibility - Sumedh Thakar - PSW #697

published 1 month ago by Security Weekly

Over the past year, organizations have rapidly accelerated their digital transformation by leveraging technologies such as cloud and container that support the shift to IoT and a remote workforce. Implementing these technologies has led to considerable growth in the number of IT assets deployed within the enterprise. Traditionally, IT oversees the management of these assets and focuses on administration responsibilities like inventory, software support, and license oversight. Sumedh will discuss why the shift to digital calls for a new approach to asset visibility. Segment Resources: View the CyberSecurity Asset Management video: Read our CEO’s blog on CyberSecurity Asset Management: Read the detailed blog on CyberSecurity Asset Management:   This segment is sponsored by Qualys. Visit to learn more about them!   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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