BTS Among Us McNugget Sells for Insane Price - IGN Daily Fix

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Happy Friday! On today's IGN The Fix: Games, an 'Among Us-Shaped' Chicken McNugget has sold for an outrageous price on eBay. The interestingly shaped nugget was found in a special edition BTS McDonald's meal. The Injustice 2 Mobile game Twitter account has issued an apology to fans after an in-game event to celebrate Pride Month involved beating up an LGBTQIA+ character. The event in question involved repeatedly fighting and defeating Poison Ivy, a well-known bisexual character and iconic villain from DC's Batman universe. Modders in the PC Mass Effect community are on a mission to restore cut content to the recently released Legendary Edition of BioWare's trilogy. Using unearthed files, the community is looking to restore romances, quests, and planets that BioWare cut during production.

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