Life In Da Nang Vietnam (Lockdown Life)

published 1 month ago by John Saboe: Broadcaster | Photojournalist/Videographer | Publisher-Far East Adventure Travel Magazine

Most of this video was filmed prior to the latest outbreaks of COVID in Vietnam. My intention was simply to create a video about visiting the local markets of Da Nang. Before I was to complete it the country, including Da Nang, was once again taking measures to contain the pandemic. A complete video of my original idea was out of the question so I decided to just show what I had intended to create and what the reality of life is like currently in Da nang. Although the measurements were swift and strong, as in the past, they do tend to gain favorable results. Of course in the future I know I'll have more opportunity to revisit these markets but to be quite frank, I think it was important to share what happened here, as there are currently similar conditions in Southeast Asia and of course throughout most of Asia and the rest of the world. Up until quite recently I felt like I was living in a bubble with little to no local community cases reported in Ho Chi Minh City and here. I certainly do feel that way now, but I am grateful for what seems to be the best measures to contain the situation. Thanks so much for watching and subscribing to the channel. If you feel like supporting my work and the channel you can do so either by PayPal or Patreon. I am grateful for any support you offer! Paypal: Patreon:

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