Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Market Series"Gridlocked Shopping"

published 1 month ago by John Saboe: Broadcaster | Photojournalist/Videographer | Publisher-Far East Adventure Travel Magazine

Thanks so much for your support! You can make a donation to me and the channel by PayPal: You can support me through Patreon: Thanks again for following the series and subscribing to the channel. Continuing the channel's traditional market series videos with "Ho Chi Miinh City, Vietnam Traditional Markets Season 1 Episode 3-Tân Mỹ Market District 7. One of the reasons why this is one of my favorite local markets is it's situated in a neighborhood with a few bakeries, an upscale grocery store filled with excellent quality imported foods, and some good inexpensive vegetarian restaurants. The people here are especially friendly and I find the operators are fair with pricing and the quality of fruit is especially good. I lived out in this area for awhile so I found it was very convenient. If you're looking for an interesting local style market to break up your visit to all of the landmark sites in Ho Chi MInh this is a good option. Approximately 15-20 minutes by car from District 1 depending on traffic. If you're a photographer visit in the morning anytime before 9am. In the afternoon after 4pm will give you some great shots.

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