Metrics, Training, Culture & Cloud Security Resilience - Drew Rose, Ganesh Pai - ESW #229

published 1 month ago by Security Weekly

Metrics, Training, Culture – Why Your Phishing Program Isn’t Working - Drew Rose, Living Security Phishing reports have become the standard for measuring security awareness, and yet breaches keep happening. Something is broken. Knowing how to recognize a phishing attempt is a tiny part of creating a security-focused culture and protecting your business from attacks. This segment is sponsored by Living Security. Visit to learn more about them!   A New Perspective on Cloud Security Resilience - Ganesh Pai, Uptycs Cloud security, the next frontier. How do we build resilient services in the cloud and secure them. Ganesh Pai, CEO at Uptycs, joins us to discuss a new perspective on cloud security resilience. This segment is sponsored by Uptycs. Visit to learn more about them!   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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