Casey Neistat Ended The Vlog

published 4 years ago by Ted Forbes

Casey Neistat is probably the most successful vlogger of our time. Starting in 2015 he decided to make a video every day for… well until he got bored. Over the next 18 months he exploded to over 5.8 million subscribers and over 1.2 billion views. Casey has been an enormous influence on the work that I do, but more importantly he completely changed the entire scope of inline video. This is just a quick thank you.

This weekend Casey my stat announced that he was ending the flogging. I honestly don't think that there's anyone who has done more for YouTube for other YouTubers for the industry of online video as a whole then Casey Neistat I would be shocked if there were anyone watching. Who doesn't. I heard this news. But I want to talk about it anyway because I think he's had such a profound affect. On the way all of this work the first time I remember seeing one of Casey's videos was actually before you too but it was the apples dirty little secret video about the IP. And I remember at the time. Being blown away because that was a really radical video to do when it came out those were the days when no one ever said anything bad about apple English. You were a windows user. But apple users were very loyal and we would bow down and buy anything with the all mighty apple. Release and he was some guy actually calling them on something. And it was pretty amazing and it was a very bold ...

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