The Only Tool to Fight (and Discover) Stock Manipulation

published 2 months ago by ClayTrader

Have you seen the word in the headlines or on social media: manipulation. It's a very popular word to throw around out there whether you are talking about the stock market or any other financial market. Is stock manipulation something you should be scared of as a trader? Is market manipulation something that leaves us as the mercy of the market without being able to fight back? Absolutely not! There is only one tool to fight and discover manipulation and that's what I want to show you here. This tool has many other advantages in the world of trading and investing; however, one of the hidden powers this tool offers is the ability to fight manipulation itself. Whether you are a beginner day trader or someone with lots of trading experience, we want to arm ourselves with as many tools as possible, assuming they provide value. In this case, if you are scared of manipulation, then there should be very little debate about it... you need to be using and learning about this tool!

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