Take a Peek inside the Vegan Eats World Cookbook

published 6 years ago

Terry talks about her inspirations for her latest cookbook and shares some beautiful food photos from Vegan Eats World

This week on the delicious TV podcast. Hi I'm Terry hope Romero and my latest book vegan eats world is a tribute to my love of ethnic cuisine made vegan style. I live in New York City one of the most ethnically diverse places on the planet and I'm inspired by the people I meet by the places I go for the cursor stores are shocked. And I wanted to really dive into those kind of ingredients. You'll find all kinds of recipes in this book it has over 300 cities everything from soups salads entrees and of course desserts as well you'll find Mexican cuisine. Thai Vietnamese. French. Eastern European in Ethiopia. I hope you really like it I felt really excited to work on this kind of book I learned a lot and where the things they really want you to feel comfortable with is that you can make fantastic healthy ethnic cuisine that a seasonings in the cooking techniques that people use all over the world ...

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