Guardsman Responds for Moore Community While Facing Own Tornado Damage Package

published 8 years ago by DVIDS

Master Sgt. Brian Hardee was an Oklahoma National Guard first responder for the May 20th tornado in Moore, Okla. His home was damaged in the tornado. This package is ready to air. Available in High Definition.

When the may 20 tornado tore through Moore Oklahoma the Oklahoma National Guard responded within hours master sergeant Brian hardy from the 60 third civil support team or C. S. T. was one of the first guardsmen on site. He knew exactly what was going on because he wrote up the tornado in a storm shelter it hit. About a block 0.5 to 2 blocks just north of me. Their houses out there that are. Very lucky that it it turned left and now right. Brian's home took some damage he had a few busted windows boards were hurled into the side of his house plus there was a backyard full of broken fences and debris. He quickly patched up the roof and windows. I knew were going to get the call just a matter times I wanted to do as much as I could as fast as I could. I looked at my phone had a text message from my purse are gonna. We had been activated the Brian couldn't do anything else once he got the call. He rushed to the scene in the heart of the damn ...

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