Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Market Exploring

published 2 months ago by John Saboe: Broadcaster | Photojournalist/Videographer | Publisher-Far East Adventure Travel Magazine

Thanks so much for your support! You can make a donation to me and the channel by PayPal: Fundly COVID-Visa/Mastercard/Amex/AliPay/WeChat- You can support me through Patreon: Thanks again for following the series and subscribing to the channel. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam-Traditional Markets Season 1 Episode 1-Ba Chieu Market is the first of a multi-episode series focusing on local/traditional markets in Ho Chi Minh City,(Saigon). I've also been fascinated with traditional markets whether they're in East Asia, Southeast Asia, or South Asia. My trips aren't complete without multi-visits to the traditional markets of wherever I'm staying. Fortunately because locals still support these markets, even with the invasion of the hypermarket to Asia, we are blessed to be able to experience these temples of food and the simple great joys of life. In this series I'll be covering off some basic tips, suggestions, and of course the most interesting markets Ho Chi MInh City has to offer. All 24 districts have at least one major market but many have several as well as smaller lane markets or street markets as well. I'll be featuring markets that are usually within about a 15-30 minute taxi ride from District 1, where most visitors stay when they're in Saigon. I can't stress how much visiting these markets is so important in discovering and learning more about everyday life in Vietnam. Unlike tourist markets like Ben Thanh Market you'll find that people aren't as aggressive at getting your business as they really have no souvenirs to sell and almost all of their customers are local. So in some ways these market are a little more relaxed to wander around, even with the traffic! I just love these places and I hope when you're visiting Ho Chi Minh City you'll get the chance to see one or more of these markets during your stay, so much more memorable and authentic than any market that's primarily focused on tourists. Don't forget to check out and subscribe to The Far East Travels Podcast:

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