April Fools Day Pie Prank Call

published 5 years ago

Jared prank calls a Walmart as Branden, trying to figure out the best April Fools Day Prank to pull. This lady apparently doesn't like pies...Request a prank: our FREE app! (FREE SHIPPING IN US) :

Yeah I . The. Thank you for calling wallmark. Well I have. Allow. Yes ma'am time has no end. How are you I'm sorry I what I was asking her for you I'm doing okay was wanting somebody to help goes on I go your store all the time and it's it's kind of far away for me so I usually call ahead and see if you guys have some stuff by any of helping at rather odd rather asked me like you because you seem fun. Well actually I'm I'm the operator and under a call so I would have if it would work and that you looking for well well maybe maybe that's that's what you could help me with because because I wanted to you know by April 1 is next week and at that's evil fools day and all my partner always gets me every year so I was wondering like like what I could do to like get him really died ...

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