Mechanics with VMM-262/265 maintain Ospreys during Operation Damayan

published 7 years ago by DVIDS

Marines suppor VMM 262 and 265 by maintaining MV-22B Ospreys during Operation Damayan. This support has kept the aircraft flying every day to support the PhilippineGovernment in providing aid in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

When it comes to reaching a diverse array of terrain in an expedient manner there's no aircraft better than the MV 22 osprey responsibility for caring for these aircraft falls upon the shoulders of marines with marina medium tiltrotor squadron 262 and 265. Working rotating shifts to provide 24 hour maintenance these marines are vital to operational readiness and are now doing it deployed to the Republic of the Philippines in support of Joint Task Force 505 during operation down ion if we drop on a flight because of a maintenance action or because some was going wrong. That somebody's life that could potentially be at risk. Somebody might not get food. Day. As were. Every. Sure the ospreys are kids ...

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