How Cloud Defenders Thwart Attacks Against Resilient Services - Jeff Deininger - ESW #224

published 4 months ago by Security Weekly

In cybersecurity attackers have a structural advantage over defenders: they can succeed with a staggeringly high failure-rate (not caring that most attacks get blocked at the perimeter). Meanwhile, defenders lose when that single successful attack goes unnoticed regardless of how many attacks were successfully stopped. Disproportionate consequences similarly advantage attackers: typical times to detect and contain that one successful attack are still measured in weeks and months. Yet high-availability and resiliency characteristics built-in to "Well-Architected" microservices offer defenders an opportunity to turn the tables and rob attackers of their asymmetric advantages. The key missing ingredient is a sufficient early-warning system that can detect and respond to advanced threats.   In this presentation, Jeff Deininger, a Principal Cloud Security Engineer, will use a simulated attack to demonstrate how advanced threat detection works with commonplace architectural elements to deny attackers the crucial traction needed to establish a foothold at the beginning of a campaign, leaving attackers feeling like they are inescapably 'walking on ice'.   This segment is sponsored by ExtraHop Networks. Visit to learn more about them!   Visit for all the latest episodes! Show Notes:

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