Hope, Part 3: Revelation of Hope - Campus Pastors

published 4 months ago by National Community Church

When Jesus was born into the world, He didn’t just bring hope with Him. He WAS and IS hope and is a revelation to every person that encounters Him. To one, a revelation of hope brought confirmation, to another joy, to another redemption. He was the fulfillment of prophecies of old. He was the embodiment of comfort in the now. But what we found in the incarnation is that He is a God who reveals His presence in any and all circumstances. We believe that He still reveals hope today – even in the midst of a year like 2020! God’s revelation often comes in different ways through different vessels, so this weekend we thought it was appropriate to share a tag team message. As our Campus Pastors all speak to a unique dimension of hope, we pray that God would enlighten our hearts to see our world, our neighborhood, ourselves as He sees...with eyes of eternal hope.

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