Start Day Trading: What Equipment is Needed?

published 5 months ago by ClayTrader

So you want to start day trading, but you are wondering what equipment is needed? Your mind is in the right spot, I mean it would be pointless to attempt something if you do not have the required equipment! The good news is that when it comes to getting started with day trading, the equipment list is very straight forward. Sure, you can totally go bonkers and spend a whole lot of money on all sorts of "cool things"; however, are those things actually needed when you are a beginner and just getting started? I doubt it. My goal with this video was to keep things short and to the point. I will quickly outline for you the equipment needed so that you can get yourself started learning about day trading in the most logical and smart way possible. When it comes to just getting started, "less is more" and I'll show you exactly what I mean from the equipment perspective.   Get More Details on Technology: CLICK HERE  

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