Look What Came In The Mail!

published 5 years ago by Ted Forbes

Last week I got some cool stuff in the mail from some awesome photographers who watch the show!!! Thank you for sharing your work with me – its such an honor!! Eduardo Torres: Interview on Vimeo: Interview on The Photographic Journal: Framed by Eduardo: Twitter: Thomas Clemens: Chris Smith: Adrienne Stortz:

What's up everybody Ted Forbes welcome back to the art of photography or to do something a little bit different today we're gonna do little mailbag in about 2 weeks ago went to go check my PO box one day and I had 3 packages in there and they were all from people who watch the show that we're sharing their work with me I have 2 books in print and I thought this is really cool and I emailed everybody and asked if I could share it on the show nearby was really excited about it and this is some really amazing stuff and I'm really excited about this first up I have a book in this was sent to me by Eduardo Taurus and Eduardo and I met at the very first artifice Harvey meet up we ever did which was in London in August 2009 and Eduardo and I've been friends on Facebook we've kept up here and there over the years and he recently contacted me and actually knew this was coming and he said that he'd finished a portfolio book on some the portraits that he does want to share with me and I'm a come back to the second but I love the cover on this it's just a very simple book it's very elegant and he actually signed it and numbered each one of these sorts of admission of 15 this is number 7 a 50 ...

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