Here's Why Beginner Day Traders Make So Much Money! (it's easy...)

published 5 months ago by ClayTrader

Why do beginner day traders make so much money? Why is it so easy for someone brand new to the market who is just getting started to make money? It may sound like completely backwards logic; however, when you stop and think about how the market functions and how a beginner day trader functions, it actually makes a whole lot of sense! I've been running since 2013 and have seen these cycles come and go time and time again. People brand new to the market who are total beginners, yet, they are easily making all kinds of money. Their day trading accounts are growing and they seemingly have an awesome profit producing strategy. How does this make any sense though if they are brand new? Don't these people need to learn how to trade stocks in the right way? Let's dig deeper into this issue and, if I do my job right, hopefully make you aware of a common pitfall that many beginner day traders fall into without even realizing what is happening!

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