Options Trading - 期权面面观 - April 9, 2021 - The Big Four (Long, Short, Call, Put) 4大基本策略

published 1 month ago by tastytrade, Inc.

之前的节目中我们谈到了期权的两种类型,看涨期权和看跌期权,也分析了两种基本操作,买与卖。这期节目我们来总结一下,这两两配对下形成的四种基本期权策略。这四种基本策略也是所有复杂的策略组合的核心组成部分。 We have discussed the two primary types of options, Calls and Puts. We also have talked about the two types of executions, long and short. This time, we summarize what we have learned so far and analyze the risk profiles among these four basic option strategies: long call, long put, short call, and short put.

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