HamsterCon Prank Call

published 5 years ago

Jared prank calls a hotel as Branden, trying to book a room for him and his 20 hamsters.Tweet this video!!: on Facebook: a prank: our FREE app! (FREE SHIPPING IN US) :

I . I mean if I didn't catch your name. Caesar hot our you know. I'm doing pretty good thank you for asking the new thing you so much for asking. So much. Later Hubert Selby umps because looking territory book a book a room and stuff and because my friend recommended meet you guys I'm actually gonna be in town not I think next week next weekend actually not this week and next week is next week and like now but next weekend and I was seen when you know your rates and availability of are in and stuff like that I'm really I'm kind of new to this new hotel thing is that you guys were like Barry people friendly and stops. The more he. You would do that for me. You might not think you some ...

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