This is When You Should NOT Buy a Stock (Day Trader 101)

published 5 months ago by ClayTrader

In order to make money in the stock market, you need to buy a stock to get the process in motion. With that being said, one of the most important aspects of the stock market (whether that be day trading or swing trading) is when you should or should NOT buy a stock. On the surface I realize this may seem as easy as, "I will only buy good companies" and while that is a wise starting point, it is still only a starting point nonetheless. In many situations, the best decision you can make as a trader or investor is to simply NOT buy a stock. Taking no action is the best action to take if you are wanting to learn how to consistently make money online over the longer term. Thanks to a YouTube comment from a viewer, I have a perfect "real life" example of just what I mean when I say there are times when no action should be taken and you should NOT buy a stock. This also illustrates a couple of other key areas that as a beginner you will need to focus on to increase the chances you have success in the stock market.

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