SDPA and DPAF Updates and Latest Happenings with Lindsay Martin

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SDPA and DPAF staff member Lindsay Martin stopped by the Dermcast Studios during the SDPA’s 2016 Annual Summer Dermatology Conference in Austin, Texas, to discuss the latest happenings and her role with both organizations.

Welcome to during cast UT us I'm where Riley the managing director of the STP a and the DP a half and we have with us here today miss Lindsay Martin who is the STP a and the D. PAF's administrative assistant thanks for joining us thank you for having me. so you started on with us a couple of months ago him how are you liking your new role and you know I know we threw you in there really quick so can you tell us a little bit about what you do for the US EPA in the DC area yep I started at the very beginning of the year back in January a game we're launching the new site again had to hit the ground running so it's very exciting. I just jump in there so been around for about 6 months now. And I primarily do administrative support . Of course you know everything that might go along with that financial things and you know communications but of course some of ...

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