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Investor Carrot Evergreen SEO Marketing is about building real estate investor websites to attract motivated seller leads in your market automatically and consistently. This training review video for Carrot investor websites shows you step by step how evergreen marketing converts two to three times higher than other types of marketing like direct mail, cold calling, etc. Get A Real Estate Investor Website Trevor Mauch is the CEO and Founder of Investor Carrot and on this demo video he explains that hamster-wheel marketing like direct mail, cold calling, radio, TV, etc. must be done over and over due to a limited life.  He contrasts that to SEO content marketing that is done one time, builds on itself, and builds momentum over time to help you regain your time and freedom. Using the Investor Carrot website in combination with intentional SEO marketing and hamster-wheel marketing is the best of both worlds. You have to use data and tech to stay competitive as a real estate investor today. Your main competitors are using this tool or another tool like it.  Take a few minutes to check out this Investor Carrot tutorial review video above on how to use real estate investor websites to create evergreen SEO marketing to consistently find motivated seller leads. Resources Shared: Kind House Buyers Case Study Evergreen Marketing Webinar InvestorCarrot Plans    

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