What is a "Gap Fill"? (Stock Market For Beginners)

published 7 months ago by ClayTrader

Are you a beginner in the stock market and and confused by the term "gap fill"? When I was a beginner to the stock market and just getting started I remembered many terms out there that I truly had no idea what they meant. That's okay! As a new trader and investor it's perfectly normal for you to not understand some of the trading and investing terminology that exists. The good news is that when it comes to "gap fills", the answer is very straight forward. The first step I will show you is what a "gap" is when it occurs with a stock, and then from that point it becomes very easy to learn about what a "gap fill" actually is. If you are someone who is a beginner to the stock market and wants a quick explanation of some common investment terminology, then look no further. Let's get to it!

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