BiggerPockets Podcast 428: Using Conversations to Get Deals Others Can’t w/ Investor Rodney Ross

published 9 months ago by : Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner

Rodney Ross didn’t have the most gracious entrance to the real estate space. He bought a house while in college, with only $8,000 down and not a lot in the bank. The house ended up getting de-authorized for tenants to live in so Rodney had to go back on his loan. Game over right? Time to give up? Not for Rodney! While finishing college, Rodney decided to take it a bit slower, getting his real estate agent license so he could build up the capital to buy rentals. He’s been an agent, a wholesaler, a general contractor, and a buy and hold investor. If it’s happening in real estate, Rodney probably knows about it! Unlike many new (and even experienced) real estate investors, Rodney took the time to nurture leads, have meaningful conversations with sellers and buyers, and found that by having some basic empathy for the other party, you’re more likely to close deals. This strategy seemed to have worked, in a decade since his first deal, Rodney now has around 20 cash flowing units, and he’s looking for more! Using the 203k loan, Rodney has been able to get homes at a discount, finance the repairs, and get them rented and refinanced, kind of like a speciality BRRRR. This episode proves that if you care about real estate, care about your partners, and are willing to take risks, it will truly pay off. Check the full show notes here:

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