published 7 years ago by DVIDS

The process of transitioning from relief aid to recovery efforts after Typhoon Haiyan starts in the Philippines. Lance Corporal Eric Waddell takes us to Tacloban. Includes sound bites from Brig Gen. Paul Kennedy, Commanding General, 3rd MEB and Capt. Roy Trinidad, Philippine Navy Seals. Also available in high definition.

In the wake of typhoon ion the third worried expression brigade step did help assist the Philippine government and opening talk about airfield. Marines airmen the are force in the Philippines work 247 to distribute relief aid and supplies to remote locations hit by the storm. Now process begins the transition in key areas from relief efforts to long term recovery operation. As a virtue US assets are no longer needed regular general Paul Kennedy commanding general of the third very exhibition brigade speaks about what's been accomplished we've we've transition from immediate relief operations into recovery. led by a Philippine partners in the division and get some some critical augmentation from a Philippine navy seals they believe missing since day one but all the augmentation we provided is now being sold by the Philippine armed forces ...

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