USPS Used Vulnerable Systems; Voatz vs. Ethical Hackers - ThreatWire

published 8 months ago by Shannon Morse

New bluetooth flaws have been found, the USPS used vulnerable systems for years, and voatz wants to  make it harder for you to do your job! All that coming up now on ThreatWire. #threatwire #hak5 Links: Wifi Pineapple Mk VII Unboxing and GIVEAWAY!: Support me on alternative platforms! Shop ThreatWire Merch Directly! - Shop ThreatWire Merch on Teespring! -  --  subscribe to my tech channel! ThreatWire is only possible because of our Patreon patrons! Sign up now for ACTION ALERTS! Help me reach our next ThreatWire goal to unlock merch tiers and an audio podcast!

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