Go passwordless | Hands-on tour in Azure AD with FIDO2 keys and Temporary Access Pass

published 6 months ago by Microsoft Mechanics

Eliminate passwords by users and their organizations with the latest authentication updates in Azure AD, now generally available. Joy Chik, Microsoft CVP from the identity engineering team, joins host Jeremy Chapman to review friction-free ways of going passwordless with the introduction of the new temporary access pass. USERS: Azure AD now supports FIDO2 security keys as an authentication method for signing into operating systems, applications, and services FIDO2 keys – make life easier for frontline workers using shared devices Microsoft Authenticator app – never need to remember, or even type a password Secure and convenient, on-prem or in any cloud IT: Easier to drive passwordless adoption Roll out passwordless authentication methods in Azure AD Automate the management of passwordless using PowerShell or our new Microsoft Graph APIs New reporting to help track how well your organization is doing ► QUICK LINKS: 00:00 - Introduction 02:33 - Users: FIDO2 Security Key 03:41 - IT: Passwordless adoption 05:01 - See it in action 07:23 - How to enable experiences in Azure AD Portal 09:30 - Set up Temporary Access Pass 11:11 - How to issue a Temporary Access Pass to a user 12:57 - Wrap Up ► Link References: Register your key at If you are a Microsoft 365 admin, use an interactive guide at Unfamiliar with Microsoft Mechanics? We are Microsoft’s official video series for IT. You can watch and share valuable content and demos of current and upcoming tech from the people who build it at #Microsoft. Subscribe to our YouTube: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Facebook:

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