Watch Me Lose My Mind... (Day Trading Warning for Beginners)

published 9 months ago by ClayTrader

The sooner beginners in the world of day trading acknowledge the warning that trading is a massively psychological business, the sooner they will begin to see better results. When I was a new trader and just getting started as a day trader, I truly had no idea just how mental of a challenge making money online is. It's one thing to read books on trading psychology, but in the real world of trading and learning how to trade, "reading" can only add minimal value. If you were able to witness a day trader grow more and more frustrated and see them in a sense, "lose their mind", there would be immense value in it. That's what I want to do with this video. Sure, it's quite embarrassing for me to post publicly my slow mental decline into outright frustration/anger, but for those beginners looking to day trade, it's a prime example of how crazy the human mind can be. Even if you are not a beginner day trader, my mental decline serves up a good reminder of what all day traders need to be on guard against when it comes to the mental challenges that stand in the way of us making consistent money online. Brace yourself, things are about to get a bit bumpy!

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