Day Trader Psychology: How to Overcome Frustration (using science...)

published 5 months ago by ClayTrader

If there is only one thing that all traders can agree and relate to, I think it would be the emotion of frustration! I'm well aware that the slogan of is "trade without emotion", but wow, to be fully transparent, frustration is a constant battle for me. Can you relate? Have you ever had frustration arise in one way or another within your trading journey? If you can answer 'yes', then this is a video you'll want to make time for. I did some research on the science of frustration and it's amazing how much research there is available. I also found a quality article that not only summarizes much of this research, but also maps out the tips in a very easy to read and understand format. Let's all remove as many barriers as we can and learn about how frustration works within the mind and how we can overcome it using science!

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