BiggerPockets Podcast 413: Matthew McConaughey on Vision, Preparation, and Balancing Ambition with Family & Freedom

published 10 months ago by : Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner

You, BiggerPockets listener, may have more in common with Matthew McConaughey than first realized... Changing careers. Wondering how family life fits in with a hard-driving work ethic. Embracing spontaneity, but learning that success comes from making the choice today to "be kind to your future self." The Oscar-winning actor covers those topics and more in our chat today. A lifelong journaler, McConaughey is in a reflective mood after writing his first book, Greenlights... which is filled with unforgettable stories about growing up the son of Texas an oil pipe "peddler," stumbling into acting after a night drinking with the producer of Dazed and Confused, getting arrested for playing the bongo drums in the nude, and his mid-career shift toward intense, challenging projects like Dallas Buyers Club. If you're thinking "nah, this episode won't teach me how to house hack"... fair enough. But give it a chance and see if you aren't entertained. It's a soulful, positive, not-at-all-Hollywood conversation about choices, happiness, and success. Here's to catching more greenlights! Check the full show notes here:

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