Why I Do Not Use Hot Keys as a Stock Day Trader...

published 5 months ago by ClayTrader

One of the more talked about topics in the world of being a stock day trader revolves around hot keys. How should you set them up? Should you use them? In what way is it best to use them? There are many opinions out there on the matter and people often times question me about my day trading hotkey management strategy. Well, as a day trader, I do not use hotkeys. For some I realize this seems like a crazy decision and one that is ill advised, but I want to explain to you why I do not use hotkeys as a stock trader. Let me be very clear about this. In no way am I saying that you must follow my thoughts or do what I personally do. We are all different as traders and must use methods that best fit our personal risk tolerance and strategies, but for me, not using hotkeys has helped me the most. Let's talk about how hotkeys can work and be either an efficiency tool or an opportunity grabber.

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