This Day Trading Strategy DOES NOT Work... (use this method instead!)

published 7 months ago by ClayTrader

Learning how to day trade stocks online can be a very overwhelming experience when you are a beginner and just getting started with the stock market. Let me try and save you some time by bringing to your attention a day trading strategy that does not work! The crazy thing is, despite it not being a viable long term consistency producing strategy, it is still a super common and easy trader trap to fall into. Why is this strategy so easy to fall into and why doesn't it work? That will be a talking point in this video, but the main talking point is the solution. I get it. Offering up a problem and negative aspect is really only as good as the solution you provide for it. So instead of using this common day trading strategy that does not work, let me show you a method you should be using instead. If you learn how to do this method correctly, you'll truly be putting yourself in some day trader friendly environments. Let's get to it!

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