#295 2021 Ford Bronco Sport First Impressions; New Chevrolet Bolt EUV

published 3 months ago by Consumer Reports

The Bronco name is back, and this week we share our first impressions on the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport, catering to those looking for a rugged, off-road capable vehicle. We discuss how the small SUV, sibling of the larger Bronco, handles rocks and mud, as well as its engine performance and interior comfort. Chevrolet announced an updated version of its all-electric Bolt and an all-new Bolt EUV. We discuss the key changes for the Bolt EV, and how the inclusion of GM's Super Cruise active driving assistance system might appeal to those interested in Tesla's Autopilot system. We also talk about the right time to cut your losses on a vehicle that needs constant repairs, if Consumer Reports is considering testing 3-wheeled BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicle) like Arcimoto and Aptera, why all-weather tires are not as popular as all-seasons, and we wonder which of our neighbors lost their emu.     ----------------------------------- Have a question for our experts? Leave a comment on this episode, or reach out to us directly!   From your iOS device, iMessage us at TalkingCars@icloud.com to send a photo, video, or text directly to the Talking Cars team!   We love to feature our viewers on the show, so submit video questions at    Subscribe to Talking Cars on Spotify:      SHOW NOTES ----------------------------------- 00:00 - Introduction 01:19 - 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Preview 06:47 - 2021 Ford Bronco Sport First Impressions 15:48 - Question #1: When is the right time to cut your losses on a vehicle that needs constant repairs? 18:22 - Question #2: Why all-weather tire are not as popular as all-seasons? 21:13 - Question #3: Would Consumer Reports consider testing 3-wheeled BEVs? 23:09 - Question #4: What is the strangest wild life we have come across at our test track?     ----------------------------------  Preview: Chevrolet Introduces a Freshened Electric Bolt and New Bolt SUV   Preview: 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Looks Rugged and Ready for Action   Preview: 2021 Ford Bronco Reinvents a 4x4 Classic   2017 Chevrolet Bolt Quick Drive   New All-Weather Tires Outperform Some Snow Tires   Guide to Car Safety   Coronavirus Resource Hub     ----------------------------------- Check out   for the latest reviews, tips, and recommendations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: 

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