A Great Life Philosophy. (but really DUMB for Day Traders)

published 6 months ago by ClayTrader

I am all for picking a life philosophy and following it. In most areas of life, this is a wise strategy to use if you're looking to build wealth and accomplish goals. However! In the world of the stock market and day trading, these typically very motivating and inspiring sayings can get twisted and turned against you! How much so? To the point where it becomes flat out DUMB to even use the philosophy. I've been coaching traders since 2013 and a very common struggle I see comes from using these life philosophies within their trading. By doing so, they are creating all kinds of problems which lead to either losing money in the stock market or have massive inconsistency. When you make the decision to remove these philosophies and view them the way they should be, you will immediately begin making your life easier in regards to learning how to best be a day trader in the markets. Let me show you what I mean.

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