Easily Offended? Avoid Being a Day Trader! (Successful Trader Traits)

published 6 months ago by ClayTrader

Let's talk some day trading facts. Particularly in regards to personality traits you will need to have to achieve success as a day trader. If you are a person who is easily offended, then you need to avoid being a day trader! Day trading can be a great way to make money online as a side hustle, but you also need to be aware of the challenges that come along with the strategy. While you certainly need to learn about how to use trading tools to build yourself money making strategies, you also need to learn about the  mental aspect of trading. The human mind is a crazy place and when you are a beginner day trader and just getting started, it is very easy (and common) to underestimate how difficult the mental area of trading is. Let me use some of my personal day trading results to show you what I mean with all of this. 

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