The One Hot Key All Day Traders Should Be Using!

published 4 months ago by ClayTrader

As a day trader, I believe that there are many strategies and methods that can be used to make money in the stock market online. With that being said, I also believe that there is one thing that all traders, no matter what day trading strategy you are using, should implement within their trading. When it comes to hotkeys, there is one hotkey that all day traders should be using! The good news is, it is a simple hotkey to set up,  yet the power it will give to you can make a huge different. As a beginner you may not feel as though this hotkey is necessary, but any day trader or swing trader with a significant amount of experience will probably be able to relate to the horror stories that can happen without this hotkey. The sooner you start using this hotkey and make it part of your stock trading routine, the sooner you are putting yourself in a protected position that ensures you are not losing money in an unnecessary way. Let me show you this hotkey and how to set it up to save you from headaches and frustration.

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