Short Selling For Beginners (Terms and Definitions Guide)

published 10 months ago by ClayTrader

If you are a beginner to the stock market and just getting started, odds are you have no idea what short selling is or how it works. No problem! You are 100% normal. I respect you though for seeking to learn more about short selling and how it works (and can make you money!). I have done several other videos on short selling and how it works (links are below), but I wanted to do a single video where all the terms and definitions are in one place. My hopes are by putting together this terms and definitions guide that beginners will have a more efficient and faster way of learning about short selling. Whether you are wanting to learn how to day trade or swing trade, one goal all stock market traders should have is this: flexibility. When you learn about short selling and how to short stocks properly, it opens up that many more opportunities to make money. Let's start to learn...

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