[2020] TD Ameritrade Broker Review | Is The ThinkOrSwim Platform Worth It?

published 11 months ago by ClayTrader

TD Ameritrade and their ThinkOrSwim ("TOS") platform is one of the online stock brokers and trading platforms I get asked about most often. In most cases, the people asking about it are just getting started in their trading journey. As a beginner trader it is wise to be asking about the trading tools available and seeking to find the best ones to help you make money in the market. Combing this with the facts that much seems to have changed for TD Ameritrade lately, I wanted to discuss this and give you my thoughts. I will be fully transparent, these are just my thoughts and opinion, so you are more than welcome to disagree; however, as you will see in the video, I do use some actual (former) customer feedback to fortify my opinion. If you are a beginner stock trader and wondering about TD Ameritrade and their ThinkOrSwim platform, let me give you a review on it based from people who have been using the platform to trade and have noticed quite a few changes.

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