AD #2145 – Billions Will Be Wasted on Autonomy, London’s Black Cabs Go Electric, Toyota Forms New AI and Robotics Subsidiary

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- Billions Will Be Wasted on Race for Autonomy - Acura Teams with Penske for IMSA - BMW to Field Own Cars in Formula E - Ford New Sponsor of Woodward Dream Cruise - London’s Black Cabs Go Electric - Takata Airbag Recall Gets Bigger - Toyota Invests More in AI and Robotics - Why the Demon Uses a Supercharger

On today's show billions of dollars will be wasted in the race to autonomy actor teams up with Penske to fuel the prototype in the insider racing series and a peek into the development of the Dodge demons monster engine on that mark coming right up. On a line. This is not a line daily the show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. You know we've been saying that a lot autonomy could be the most transformative technology to hit the auto industry in 100 years and it seems everyone wants to get in on the action. But according to research firm Alex partners most companies will end up losing out on the race to autonomy they point out that there are more than 50 major companies working on self driving cars but only 3 or 4 will end up being the winners. And most will wait ...

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