Trading Computer | My Day Trading Monitor Setup Explained [How To Guide]

published 9 months ago by ClayTrader

For day traders, being able to use your trading strategy as efficiently as possible can make a big difference in your online money making goals. A large part of being able to day trade effectively is the trading computer you use, but more specifically, the monitors you have in place to track the varying pieces of information that are always flying around. I've been helping and guiding beginner traders since 2013 and one of the most common problems I see is people not setting up their trading computer monitors the best way. I want to offer you a guide on how to set up your trading monitors in not only the best way possible to make you money, but even more so, try to make it as cost effective as possible. The more money you can save with your trading computer setup, the more money you can use to invest into learning and fund your trading account. Be sure to use this step-by-step guide when you are ready to add multiple monitors to your day trading computer.

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