Episode 432 ~ In Which We Fight the Interwebs

published 6 months ago by C.C. + Damaris Almon

Show Notes:Intro - On the Needles - Dami - ~halle’s bella hat - Twilight Eclipse Bella's Slouchy Striped Toque by Amy Thiessen (no longer available; lmk if you want a pdf) on US 7 - 4.5 mm & US 8 - 5.0 mm, Debbie Bliss Donegal Tweed Aran in 26 Forest & 7 OatmealC.C. -~Surprise Socks - French Vanilla Cappuccino Socks by ME! on US1.5 (2.5mm), Pandia's Jewels Hand Dyed Yarn Snug in the Supernatural colourway & Suburban Stitcher Sock in the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park colourwayProject bag from Little Fish Stitches & Progress Keeper/Stitch Markers from Tilting PlanetFinished Projects - Dami - ~NoneC.C. -~2020 Catvent Cowl #2 - The Catvent Cowl by Marna Gilligan (An Caitin Beag) on US2.5 (3mm), An Caitin Dubh 4-Ply Wool Darkness Advent Calendar from An Caitin Beag~2021 Preemie Hat #4 on US6 (4mm), Steinbach Wolle Aktiv Effekt in the Red White Blue colourway, Premier Yarns Serenity Sock in the Purple spice colourway, & XrayAnn Hand Dyed Fingering Sock in the Semi Solid Battleship colourwayFlosstube - Begins at timestamp 6:07Dami - ~NoneC.C. - ~Cat in Heart by DMCProject bag from Tilting Planet~Helianthus by Ink CirclesProject bag from Stitching The High Notes~Gilmore Girls Sampler by The Enablers Facebook GroupProject Bag from GaRon Tottenbags~Edinburgh Castle by Terra Luna StitcheryUsing Pattern Keeper software on Kindle Fire 7Needle Minder from TopKnotStitcherProject Bag from KnitRunDigGrime Guard from Crab Shack StitcheryBitzy Bob Basic from That’s So Kelly Co.Silicone ties31,803 / 265,824 sts complete11.964% complete6 / 60 pages completeYummies (our current favourite things) - ~Katy & Izzy wearing C.C. Socks~JavaPurl Designs Shop Samples Sale~Crafty Photo A Day Challenge - #GGKCraftyPAD - details for January here & for February hereWhat We're Watching, Reading, + Listening To - Please be aware that we do discuss recent tv show episodes that have aired in the last week or so. This is your spoiler warning!Episode 432 Bookshop List~A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen - Dami is reading~The Glass Scientists (webcomic) by Sabrina Cotungo - Dami is readingJanuary / February / March 2021 RAL - 15 minutes of reading daily challenge* 86-90 of 90 days - 1 or more giveaways for eBook, everyone gets $1.20 off any single pattern coupon code & 86+ days RAL virtual badge* 59-85 of 90 days - 1 or more giveaways for single pattern, everyone gets 59+ days RAL virtual badge* #GGKRAL21* #GGKRAL21~ January / February / March* 90 days - 10 entries* 86-89 - 8 entries* 59-85 - 5 entries~ April / May / June* 91 days - 10 entries* 87-90 - 8 entries* 60-86 - 5 entries~ July / August / September* 92 days - 10 entries* 88-91 days - 8 entries* 61-87 days - 5 entries~ October / November / December* 92 days - 10 entries* 88-91 days - 8 entries* 61-87 days - 5 entries~ Read All 365 days - 10 bonus entries~ Complete the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2021 Reading Challenge - 12 bonus entries [all or none] (we'll open a thread for you to post this in December 2021)~Transforming: The Bible & the Lives of Transgender Christians by Austen Hartke - C.C. finished reading~Undivided: Coming Out, Becoming Whole, and Living Free from Shame by Vicky Beeching - C.C. is readingLGBTQ+ Faith Book Club - if you sign up, make sure & put that I (C.C. Almon) referred you~Don't Overthink It: Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life by Anne Bogel - C.C. is reading~Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter #5) - C.C. is rereading with Harry Potter & the Sacred Text podcast & Swish and Flick: An All Potter Podcast~Villains by V.E. Schwab - C.C. finished reading Book 2~Kitty Norville Series by Carrie Vaughn - C.C. finished reading Book 6~The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow - C.C. finished reading~The Last Flight by Julie Clark - C.C. is reading~Stargate SG-1 - rewatching Season 3~House Hunters - watching~Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - watching Season 1 & episodes for That’s Messed Up: An SVU Podcast~NCIS - watching Season 18~Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - watching Season 2~Prodigal Son - watching Season 2~Death in Paradise - watching Series 10~A Discovery of Witches - watching Season 2~The Blacklist - watching Season 8~The Rookie - watching Season 2~Murdoch Mysteries - watching Season 14~My Favourite Murder podcast~Cabin Pressure~Random Spotify PlaylistsDecember / January / February Winter Wonderland AL -*Runs from 1-December through 28-February*Details - any project you knit/crochet/weave/spin/stitch/sew that you can convince us relates to winter*No WIPS - Your project must be begun no earlier than 1-December and finished no later than 28-February*Each project that you knit/crochet/weave/spin must be at least 20yds/18.3m that you finish and post in the Facebook Group FO Thread counts as 1 entry into the giveaways. If your project is not at least 20yds/18.3m, you need to group it in a single post with other projects that together total at least 20yds/18.3m. For stitching/sewing projects, we’ll leave it to your best judgment. If you wanted our official ruling, PM email us at ggkcspodcast@gmail.com*Feel free to poly-dip in other ALs as long as it fits in with other rules*Please complete our Google form in order to help us make sure you are receiving a prize that you'll actually enjoy using.*Prizes: If you’d like to donate one, email us at ggkcspodcast@gmail.comSanta Claus Hoop Cross Stitch KitPandia's Jewels Hunger Games Stitch Marker SetAudine Wools by KnitCrate Shine Sport - 2 skeins of Sky - 2 winners will win 1 skeinUru.Yarn by KnitCrate Cotton Basic - 1 skein of PavementThe Shorter Things Collection by D. Marie Prokop, set of stitch markers, & bookmark*Must be a member of the our Facebook group ~ GGKCS Podcast / FlossTube to participate*Social Media Hashtag: #GGKCSWinter2021*Thread will be locked the morning of 1-March and winner(s) drawn on the next podcast following that*For any and all giveaways, prizes, competitions, ALs, etc. that we host, the winner(s) have 30 days from the date of announcement (the date the podcast episode in which the winner was announced goes live) to contact us to claim their prize or it will be forfeited. If this occurs, the prize will be used for another giveaway at our discretion. Thanks for understanding!*There is a Chatter Thread in our Facebook group so we can encourage each other along the way.Ask the Geeks - Diana asks:I don’t know if this has been asked. Why did you stop signing during the podcasts?Misc. - ~The Black Needle Society VIP - Use the code JAVAPURL5 for a discount on your first box of box to box subscriptions (the 6 & 12 month boxes already have a discount built in; not valid on special edition boxes.~Support the Podcast, Become A Patron~Support the Podcast, Join us on YouTube~Each week, we create a list on Bookshop of all the books we talk about in that week's episode. Bookshop is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores. If you purchase a book from our list, we earn a commission & local, independent bookstores also earn money from your purchase.~Want another way to help support our podcast? Throughout our website, links to books, tv shows, movies, etc. are Amazon Affiliate Links. We receive a portion of what you spend when you click through our website to shop on Amazon. 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