MacVoices #21018: CES - Noopl Adds Directional Hearing Aid Capabilities to AirPods Pro

published 6 months ago by Chuck Joiner

One of the most interesting things that we came across at virtual CES 2021 was Noopl, a device that, in conjunction with your iPhone, provides directional hearing aid capabilities to your AirPods Pro. Tim Trine, CEO of Noopl demonstrates how it works, how you can choose to “steer” the amplification with your head or set it manually, and more. This edition of MacVoices is supported by Amazon Pharmacy. Get your prescriptions delivered to your door, and more. Find out more at This edition of MacVoices is supported by Headspace. Meditation made simple. Get one month of guided meditation free when you visit Show Notes: Guests: Tim Trine is the CEO of Noopl. Links: Noopl videos on YouTube Support:      Become a MacVoices Patron on Patreon           Enjoy this episode? Make a one-time donation with PayPal Connect:      Web:           Twitter:     

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