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GNUPG has just released a fix for a dangerous side-channel attack that could expose your private key, a leak of NASDAQ test data was picked up by real news organizations and caused a bit of a panic & the fascinating story of a security researched who managed to take over all .io domains with a little sleuthing and a few domain registrations. Plus Dan's got so much new stuff it has its own segment, and of course your feedback, a fantastic round-up & so much more!

Coming up on this week's episode of text. The canoe privacy guard has just passed a dangerous side channel attack that may have leaked your private key. And last week the nasdaq may have lied some test data but some real world news organization picked it up and it because just a little bit. Of a panic. We discuss. And we have the fascinating story of security researcher who managed to take over all.I you domains with a little sleuthing and a few choice domain name registrations. And this week Dan's got so much stuff we got a brand new what's new with Dan segment plus of course we've got your feedback Iraq in round. On this week's. So. Welcome to. broadcasting ...

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