Robinhood Trader Commits Suicide [Learning Lessons for Beginners]

published 8 months ago by ClayTrader

Ambition is awesome and without a doubt required to have success in the world of the stock market and trading stocks online. Ambition is what drives innovation and has the power of changing someone's entire situation for the better, whether that be in the stock market or any other area of life and wealth building. With all that being said, ambition has a darker side that can take shape in some very tragic and sad ways. I am all for ambition and for people getting out there and "taking control" of their life through goals and aspirations; however, ambition must be understood and balanced in order for the desired outcomes, especially in the stock market where real money can be lost. A newly released headline tells a sad story of a younger person who was acting out of ambition within the stock market, but, got way too far ahead of themselves leading to a worse case scenario outcome. Let's walk through some of the lessons we can learn from this and how to be as wise as possible when it comes to being ambitious and navigating the awesome (but potentially dangerous) world of stock trading.

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