Avoid This Kind of Day Trading Stock Strategy! (it's hopeless...)

published 4 months ago by ClayTrader

Day trading stock strategy success is going to depend on the type of situation  you create for yourself. If you are placing yourself in a hopeless set of circumstances, then you will never get better and certainly never have the ability to make consistent money online over the long haul. Being a day trader of stocks is not easy. It is a challenge and requires hard work and discipline. Even more important, it requires the proper mindset that will open up the opportunities for you to get better. As a beginner day trader, if you focus your mindset on dynamics that close down the opportunity to get better, you will never accomplish the ultimate goal of any day trader: make consistent money. Let me show you an example of a new trader who has allowed their mind to drift into silly areas of the market that will never produce any successful trading results.

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