Avocado Toast with Olive Oil, Herring Pearls, and Red Pepper Flakes

published 1 year ago by Videos from The Culinary Institute of America

Chef Barbara Alexander from The Culinary Institute of America show us how she elevates average avocado toast with this collection of gourmet specialty products from Spain. To start, she places sliced fresh, ripe avocado on toasted multi-grain bread, and drizzles the toast with award-winning Castillo De Canena Picual extra virgin olive oil from southern Spain. This Picual olive oil has a robust fruity flavor that amplifies the avocado and other ingredients. She adds a squeeze of lemon, and tops the toast with Pescaviar Premium Pearls. These caviar-like creations are made from smoked herring, and add a delicious pop of flavor and texture. She adds a subtle hint of smoky Pimentón Ahumado La Chinata, and to finish, some fresh herbs. Find the full video series at

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