AD #2141 – AVs Could Cripple Insurance Companies, BMW Cuts Slow Selling Options, Cadillac Offers Helicopter Rides

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Audi A8 Makes Appearance at Spider-Man Premiere - Cadillac Offers Helicopter Rides - Cockpit Electronics Business Set to Explode - Continental Develops Automatic Tinting - AVs Could Cripple Insurance Companies - BMW Cuts Slow Selling Options

On today's show only gives us a look at the new A. 8 Cadillac is trying to attract customers with helicopter rides and autonomous cars are going to call lager the insurance industry on that mark coming right up on moneyline daily. This is not a line daily per show dedicated to enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Audi it's been teasing us with details about its upcoming 88 over the last month and yesterday a camouflage version made its way down the red carpet for the premiere of the new spider man movie. The company normally conceals its vehicles in a pattern of black and white swirls but for the premiere the camouflage pattern incorporate spider webs. The car is featured in the upcoming movie and has a scene that shows off Audi's A. I. traffic jam pilot Robert Downey junior and Jon Favreau who also star in the movie are ...

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