AD #2137 – Chicago Adds EV Garbage Trucks to Fleet, UK Car Prices to Soar, Has the U.S. Hit Peak Auto Sales?

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- UK Car Prices to Soar - Peak Auto Sales - Chicago Adds EV Garbage Trucks to Fleet - Chinese Start-Up Buys AM General Plant - Removable Seat Covers - Michigan’s Automotive Recovery

On today's show brings it could cause car prices to soar in the UK. Chinese startup just bought an assembly plant from AM general and a supplier companies coming out with seat covers. Specifically designed for ride sharing. All that and more coming right up. Bottom line do. This is not allowing daily the show that is researched written and produced for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Well the pro brags that people probably never saw this one coming. A study from Deloitte predicts that car prices in the UK will go up by €5600 because of taxes tariffs and other inefficiency that's. $250 more per car not surprisingly to Lloyd is also predicting a big drop in car sales as much as 20 percent quite ...

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