AD #2135 – U.S. to Pass China in Competitiveness, Camry Hybrid = Prius In MPGs, Atlas 1st “Americanized” VW

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- U.S. to Pass China in Competitiveness - Continental Creates OTA Solution - New Camera Tech Helps W/ Night Vision - Camry Hybrid Equals Prius In MPGs - Electric Buses Cheaper to Operate - Atlas 1st “Americanized” VW

On today's show Deloitte predicts that the U. S. will surpass trying not in manufacturing competitiveness jungle motors in BMW in vast. Electric bus manufacturer and automakers really need. Spell hybrid cars anymore. All that and more coming right up. Our online daily. This is online daily to show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. Well here's something that flies in the face of conventional wisdom forget about the brick countries. A study from Deloitte forecasts that the United States will emerge as the most competitive manufacturing country by 2020 currently China ranks number 1 followed by the U. S. Germany and Japan. Collectively these 4 countries account for 60 per. The world's manufacturing. The light ...

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